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Behind the Scenes

Here is a look Behind The Scenes at Amberlee Isabella Home. Be the first to learn about new products, press features and our inspirations. 


Pitch Night @

Amberlee Isabella

When I am not designing products for Amberlee Isabella Home, I work full time as a retail store designer at a design firm in New York City. I mention this because this is where my love affair for STORY begins. In fact, it was my mom who first introduced me to an "amazing new retail concept coming to NYC." 

 STORY has the point of view of a magazine, changes like a gallery and sells things like a store. Every 4-8 weeks they debut a new "story" in Chelsea. They literally close the store for about a week between stories to redesign and merchandise the store. To give an idea, past stories have included "Home For the Holidays", "Love" and "Made in America."

One of the most unique parts of STORY is their Pitch Nights. Every few months, thirty small businesses are provided the opportunity to pitch their products to the owner Rachel Shechtman and guest panelists.

Image courtsey of STORY

Image courtsey of STORY

This past summer I was one of the entrepreneurs given the opportunity one evening to pitch products. I brought along my recently finished wholesale catalog and a sampling of my products to share that included art, stationery, pencils, journal and mugs. 

Image courtsey of STORY

Image courtsey of STORY

Needless to say from the photo above, I was beyond thrilled that they liked my product and offered it a place in the store! What resonated with the panel was my commitment to empowering women to be their best selves through inspiring products that remind us not to take life too seriously. 

Image courtsey of STORY

Image courtsey of STORY

I'm pretty sure in this photo we are laughing at the fact we know a lot of people in common in the retail design world. Go figure ;)

Image courtsey of STORY

Image courtsey of STORY

To wrap things up, here were the Pitch panelist that evening. Owner, Rachel Shechtman, Bradford Shellhammer co-founder of Fab and owner of Bezar and Spencer Bailey, Editor-in-Chief of Surface Magazine. Of course I had to bring them personalized gifts as a big thank you!

Starting March 7th you can check out my products at STORY at 144 10th Ave. at 19th Street New York City.  Also, check out my next blog post all about the AMAZING story my products will be apart of!